Equipped with a Championship winning rider in Jorge Lorenzo, or Giorgio as he is affectionately known as at the Italian team, for the upcoming 2017 MotoGP Championship, Ducati is poised to add further victories to their scorecard, however team boss Claudio Domenicali still thinks that Honda racer Marc Marquez will still start out as favourite to win the riders crown.

"In 2016, we grew a lot and we won two races," he was quoted as saying in Autosport. "We had matured enough to take a rider like 'Giorgio', as we call him. Now we have all the cards in our hand to [win the title], but clearly, besides Giorgio, there are many other strong riders in the championships, not least of all the reigning champion, Marc Marquez, who starts off as favourite for the title."

Lorenzo has already gone on record to say that he won't change his riding style in any major way for the Ducati, and although comfortable testing his new ride in November, the Spaniard was slower than his rivals.

However, just because Marquez starts out the favourite to win the title doesn't mean the season will end that way as Lorenzo becomes more ans more comfortable with the Ducati throughout the course of 2017.