Although his drivers delivered a masterful drive in horrendous conditions during Sunday afternoon's extremely wet Brazilian Grand Prix to bring the German marque home yet another one two finish, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff was full of admiration for young rookie driver, max Verstappen, who brought his Red Bull home to finish on the third step of the rostrum.

The two Red Bulls managed to pull off a lot of overtaking maneuvers in a race where most drivers were just trying to see through the spray and keep their cars on track, but Verstappen did whatever he had to in order to work his way up through the field after taking on what turned out to be unnecessary pit-stops.

Fans held their breath at one stage as Verstappen spun and almost hit the barriers only to keep on going in the right direction as well as maintaining his position.

“This is unbelievable,” he said after the race. “The Verstappen show! Unbelievable driving and great entertainment. Physics are being redefined."

Sometimes it is very hard to believe that this young driver is still only in his rookie season in what is classed as the highest level of Motorsport.