A-League active supporters have decided to end their boycott after an agreement was reached with the FFA on Wednesday night.

Football Federation Australian and fan representatives from all ten A-League clubs met in Sydney on Wednesday night in a four hour long meeting.

“Firstly we will change banning notices to become notices that say they are an intention to ban notice and people will then have an opportunity to view evidence being relied on for the ban,” Gallop said.

“Then if the ban is to be maintained they will still have an opportunity to appeal the ban to an independent panel at a later date.”

In response, all active supporter groups have released similar statements on Facebook, confirming that the boycotting of matches is over.

Read the full statement from The North Terrace (Melbourne Victory active supporters) below:

The North Terrace confirms that the proposed meeting between the FFA and representatives from each active supporter group took place last night.

The purpose of this meeting was to negotiate the implementation of a fair and equitable system which provides fans with;

a) Access to all evidence on which the FFA intends to rely on in any ban process; and
b) Access to an appeals process independent of the FFA

The North Terrace can confirm that as a result of that meeting, the FFA has agreed to implement satisfactory systems by no later than 19th February 2016, to coincide with the announcement of the Whole of Football Plan.

The minimum requirements of those systems have been agreed to, with the finer details to be finalised shortly. There has also been an unequivocal commitment by the FFA to defend football and it's fans.

The FFA have also committed to providing active supporter groups with details of arrangements it has with third party security service providers.

It is on this basis, and provided of course, that the FFA formally implements these systems, that the North Terrace has agreed to TEMPORARILY SUSPEND fan boycotts.

Make no mistake, in the event that the FFA fails in meeting these commitments by the 19th February 2016, the North Terrace will take all necessary steps to hold it accountable.

For now, we will return to the terrace this weekend and do what we do best. Support our team unconditionally.