The Philadelphia 76ers were already likely to go several months before Ben Simmons, who broke his foot on Friday, makes his NBA debut. But could the No. 1 overall pick in June's draft wind up sitting out the entire season.

That's a distinct possibility, according to Bob Cooney of thePhiladelphia Daily News, who told a radio station there, "I just got off the phone with somebody who I really trust in the NBA, and he's like, there's no way his agent is going to let him play this year. That's an injury that you don't mess around with, and he thinks he's going to keep him off his feet all year."

That agent would be Rich Paul, who also represents LeBron James and John Wall, and thus has a fair amount of clout in league circles. Given the severity of the injury, Paul and Simmons have reason to want to proceed with great caution, and the recent history of the 76ers indicates that the team would, as well, although the current, tentative timetable has the prized rookie returning in late December or early January.

Simmons fractured the fifth metatarsal of his right foot during the 76ers' final training camp scrimmage, and Sunday, team President Bryan Colangelo said (via the AP), "It's likely that he's going to require surgery."

The 76ers are currently $151 to win the Eastern Conference.