Central Coast Mariners' disastrous looking kit for the 2015-16 A-League season has prompted us to look at some other terrible football kits and put together a list of 10 of the worst football kits ever.

It was a big job, but we have toiled long and hard to find the biggest eye sores to ever grace a football pitch. Let us know if we missed any that should have made the list.


This abomination of a football kit looks more a children's painting rather than football gear. We don't know what the designers at Vfl Bochum were smoking in 1997.


Maybe Spanish club La Hoya Lorca took the analogy of going to war on the sporting field a bit too literally with this atrocious camouflage inspired green number.

Soccer - Friendly - FC Groningen v Athletic Bilbao

Another Spanish club, Bilbao, somehow thought this strange red blob was a good idea back in 2004...it wasn't.


At least the players would have stood out in this Norwich number. The kit was worn during home games from 1992-1994.

REMI2_arsenal 1991

Arsenal won't be proud of this bizarre bright yellow jersey, which was thankfully only worn for one season.

Barca orange

This bright orange and yellow kit that Barcelona wore during the 2012-13 season is just plain off-putting. The Spanish giants' uniform looked more like the contents of a cocktail than a football kit.


Hull City's kit in the 1992-93 season was, well interesting to say the least. The type of tiger print design does not belongs on a football field...or anywhere for that matter.

keeper kit

There are too many disastrous goal keeping uniforms to name them all, so we've chosen one of the worst to add to this list. Goal keeping jerseys have been known to be very bright and outlandish over the years but this one worn by Mexico keeper Jorge Campos at the 1994 world Cup takes the cake.


This kit looks more like something you would wear to bed than play football in. A typical 90s kit with bright colours and far too much happening.


This Chelsea kit from 1995 is one of the worst we have ever seen. Bright orange, mixed with grey and some blue and white mixed in there too. They should have tried to fit more random colours in there...