The 2024 NBA Draft Lottery has been run and won, with the favourites for the #1 pick missing out once again.

For the second year in a row the Detroit Pistons finished the NBA season with the worst record - and best draft lottery odds - however, missed out on the coveted first pick in the draft.

The Atlanta Hawks, on the verge of a playoff appearance in 2024 - losing in the play-in tournament to the Chicago Bulls - now get the chance to select the best college or international basketball player with the first overall pick in the upcoming NBA Draft in June.

Because of their average regular-season seeding, the Hawks had just a 3% chance to walk away with the #1 selection.


  1. Atlanta Hawks
  2. Washington Wizards
  3. Houston Rockets
  4. San Antonio Spurs
  5. Detroit Pistons
  6. Charlotte Hornets
  7. Portland Trail Blazers
  8. San Antonio Spurs (via Toronto Raptors)
  9. Memphis Grizzlies
  10. Utah Jazz
  11. Chicago Bulls
  12. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Houston Rockets)
  13. Sacramento Kings
  14. Portland Trail Blazers (via Golden State Warriors)

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