The French Open is one of the four prestigious Grand Slam tennis tournaments.

Unique among its peers, it is the only Grand Slam played on clay courts, providing a distinct challenge and spectacle in the world of tennis.

Roland Garros serves as a tournament rich in history, dating back to its inception in 1891, where it was played on sand and was an exclusive national competition for French players.

In 1925, the French Open opened its doors to international players and hasn't turned back since, becoming a sensation lying in the heartland of France: Paris.

Nearing the close of the tournament as the men's and women's singles draw enter the quarter finals, questions are asked of how much the winners might make if they take home the 2024 crown.

In 2007, the French Open set a precedent by becoming the first Grand Slam tournament to offer equal prize money to men and women, a significant step to bridging the pay gap.

Comparing to the total prize amount from 2023, this year's French Open has had a 7.8% jump, standing at $58.12 million (€53.5 million; £45.7 million).

Here's the breakdown...

How much will the men's and women's players earn per round at the 2024 French Open? 

  • First round: $79, 245 (€73,000, £62,377)
  • Second round: $119,411 (€110,000, £93,987)
  • Third round: $171,518 (€158,000, £135,000)
  • Round of 16: $271,390 (€250,000, £213,599)
  • Quarter-finals: $450,507 (€415,000, £354,574)
  • Semi-finals: $705,584 (€650,000, £555,321)
  • Runner-up: $1.3m (€1.2m, £1m)
  • Champion: $2.6m (€2.4 million, £2m)