1. I don't know who could possibly have predicted Thursday night football would be a success, but the failed experiment needs to end now. Taking a game that was expecting a small crowd due to international opposition and moving it to Thursday ensured a dismal crowd and horrible spectacle as a result.

2. No matter what a “journalist” says regarding your game, you lose the high ground when you start sending death threats.

3. Tim Cahill is the greatest Socceroo of my 30 years watching the national side. Harry Kewell could, and probably should have been, but that's another story.

4. Aaron Mooy is the best player in the A-League by some way. As much as I enjoy watching him tear sides apart, surely a move overseas is imminent. I hope his advisors see him follow the opportunity and not the money.

5. Tom Rogic is a special, special talent, and is first in line to lead the Socceroos into the new era. His success at Celtic is amazing news for the national side.

6. The best marquee in A-League history, Thomas Broich, is not a big name recruit. I love a big name signing as much as the next person, but Broich has done more for the game than Emile Heskey did.

7. I wish more players would stay in the A-League rather than playing in the lower level Asian leagues. This is selfish as there is huge money on offer but how many players go to Asia with huge wraps only to go missing?

8. I want to see expansion in the league, but right now there quality is not there.

9.When expansion does happen, Canberra and Tasmania are the choices I'd run with. It's important to have A-League nation-wide, rather than four sides in Sydney or Melbourne.

10. I'd love to see an A-league “magic weekend” where all 8 fixtures are held at Etihad or ANZ Stadium. Market is massively and work a deal with city hotels to allow away fans to travel. It could be a marquee round each season.

11. There are far too many offsides in the competition. Whether it's clever defending or lazy forwards. I'm not sure what the solution is, but as a fan it is frustrating.

12. Club memberships are too expensive. A side like the Brisbane Roar should have more than 5, 163 members. Sydney FC have less than 10,000. Something needs to be done.

13. I'd like to see an international friendly against England in Australia. Socceroo fans still talk about the day the side upset the English in their own backyard. Make it happen.

14. I understand the value, but I don't like the top six finals series. A team that finishes in the bottom half of the table should not be playing finals footy.

15. The Phoenix need to survive for the good of the league. Perhaps home games need to be taken to Auckland occasionally to draw in fans. Losing Wellington from the competition would not be a good look.

16. I wish fans would stop saying that the media “fears football”. If the game folds, that's more pages they have to fill elsewhere. I know some columnists target the game, but there is no conspiracy.

17. Socceroos games should be televised free to air, live. The national side should be seen by as many people as possible.

18. I miss the all-day version of The World Game on SBS. Those were some great weekends spent.

19. The Ange led Brisbane Roar side is still the best in A-League history. The current Victory side may, in time, match them.

20. I love the FFA Cup. The games featuring state league sides at local grounds are where the romance in the cup lies. I enjoyed watching those games more than the all A-League clashes.

21. Active support is the biggest selling point the game has in Australia. The FFA should not discourage that. Atmosphere at A-League games is amazing. Promote it.

22. I know it's not a rectangular pitch, but the new Adelaide Oval is prime to host a marquee Socceroo fixture in the future. I'd also love to see a big international friendly held at Etihad.