A-League clubs will soon be allowed to sign two international marquee players outside of the salary cap.

The news comes as Football Federation consider a major change to the current marquee system.

The current marquee rules state that one of the two marquee spots available on an A-League club's roster must be an Australian player. However, as it is becoming more and more difficult for clubs to sign Australian players who fit the marquee status, the FFA may consider allowing both spots to be filled by international players.

What is also concerning the FFA, is the fact that international stars at the twilight of their careers, such as Didier Drogba, Andrea Pirlo and Frank Lamprard, who were all linked with A-League moves, decided to join the MLS instead.

It is believed to have the support of the clubs, as it would allow extra flexibility, with the marquee spots able to be filled by two Australian or two international players.