Australian basketball star Andrew Bogut has shrouded his future with uncertainty after releasing a statement explaining his decision not to re-sign with the Sydney Kings in the NBL.

Bogut said in a statement that due to the current climate and impact of COVID-19 he was opting to take some time to think carefully before making his next career decision.

"With everything going on in the world the future does not look too clear, most notably in regards to sporting leagues worldwide.

"The reason I have decided to do this now is to give the Sydney Kings enough notice to act accordingly with free agency being around the corner.

"The plan moving forward? Spending time with my wife and kids, slowing getting back into physical shape, and finally making the most out of time we don't traditionally get at home."

Bogut also moved to clarify that this wasn't a retirement, "This by no means is a retirement note, but simply saying any concrete decisions are too hard to be made at this point in time."

The 35 year-old was named the leagues MVP last season and best defensive player.