Thanasi Kokkinakis has revealed he too has been offered money to throw a match.

Kokkinakis said he has not been offered money face to face, but that social media is the most common form of communication for potential match fixers.

“I have. Not face-to-face, but on social media, you read some stuff on your Facebook page,” he said on 3AW.

“Just these randoms (people) from nowhere saying ‘I'll pay you this much money to tank a game'. I try and block it and get rid of that stuff and focus on what you need to do.

“It's interesting – you get a lot of stuff if you lose a match that maybe the betters or something think you should win – you just get abused on social media. It's a very common thing. For tennis players, and I'd assume other sports, it's a very common thing.

“You just try and block it away and there's no time for that in this sport.”

Kokkinakis is currently out of action due to a shoulder injury.