The Australian Olympic Swimming team will be selected over the course of six nights in Brisbane, with all spots on the line.

This is All Sports' guide to watching the event - to take place at the Brisbane Aquatic Centre from the 10th to the 15th of June - as well as the full schedule of events.

How to watch the Australian Swimming Olympic Trials on TV

The Nine Network hold the rights to this year's Olympic Trials for the Australian Swimming team.

They will broadcast every heats and finals session live on Channel 9, with coverage commencing at 11am (AEST) for the heats and 7:30pm (AEST) for the finals on each day of competition between June 10 and June 15.

In some markets, the coverage may commence on one of Nine's secondary channels, so we suggest you check your local guides.

How to live stream the Australian Swimming Olympic Trials online

If you'd prefer to live stream thre action from the swimming trials, you will be able to do so through 9Now, which is Channel 9's streaming application.

Their coverage will be exactly what is broadcast on TV, and is also free to watch provided you sign up with a valid email address.

Full schedule: Australian Swimming Olympic trials

Day 1 - Monday, June 10, heats
11:00am - Women's 400-metre freestyle
11:34am - Women's 200-metre individual medley
11:51am - Men's 200-metre freestyle multiclass
11:55am - Women's 200-metre freestyle multiclass
12:03pm - Men's 100-metre breaststroke
12:19pm - Women's 100-metre butterfly
12:36pm - Men's 400-metre freestyle multiclass
12:43pm - Women's 400-metre freestyle multiclass
1:00pm - Men's 400-metre freestyle

Night 1 - Monday, June 10, finals
7:30pm - Women's 400-metre freestyle
7:46pm - Women's 200-metre individual medley
7:57pm - Men's 200-metre freestyle multiclass
8:05pm - Women's 200-metre freestyle multiclass
8:16pm - Men's 100-metre breaststroke
8:28pm - Women's 100-metre butterfly
8:40pm - Men's 400-metre freestyle multiclass
8:51pm - Women's 400-metre freestyle multiclass
9:07pm - Men's 400-metre freestyle

Day 2 - Tuesday, June 11 heats
11:00am - Women's 100-metre backstroke
11:16am - Women's 100-metre breaststroke
11:30am - Men's 50-metre freestyle multiclass
11:33am - Women's 50-metre freestyle multiclass
11:40am - Men's 100-metre backstroke
11:50am - Men's 100-metre butterfly multiclass
11:53am - Women's 100-metre butterfly multiclass
11:59am - Men's 200-metre freestyle
12:19pm - Men's 50-metre breaststroke

Night 2 - Tuesday, June 11, finals
7:30pm - Women's 100-metre backstroke
7:41pm - Women's 100-metre breaststroke
7:53pm - Men's 50-metre freestyle multiclass
7:59pm - Women's 50-metre freestyle multiclass
8:11pm - Men's 100-metre backstroke
8:22pm - Men's 100-metre butterfly multiclass
8:29pm - Women's 100-metre butterfly multiclass
8:40pm - Men's 200-metre freestyle
8:53pm - Men's 50-metre breaststroke

Day 3 - Wednesday, June 12, heats
11:00am - Women's 200-metre freestyle
11:31am - Men's 200-metre individual medley multiclass
11:39am - Women's 200-metre individual medley multiclass
11:51am - Men's 800-metre freestyle (technical final)
12:16pm - Men's 150-metre individual medley multiclass
12:24pm - Men's 50-metre freestyle
12:38pm - Women's 50-metre backstroke multiclass
12:42pm - Men's 200-metre butterfly

Night 3 - Wednesday, June 12, finals
7:30pm - Women's 200-metre freestyle
7:48pm - Men's 200-metre individual medley multiclass
7:58pm - Women's 200-metre individual medley multiclass
8:10pm - Men's 800-metre freestyle (technical final)
8:26pm - Men's 150-metre individual medley
8:40pm - Men's 50-metre freestyle
8:48pm - Women's 50-metre backstroke multiclass
8:58pm - Men's 200-metre butterfly
9:10pm - Special event: Legends relay

Day 4 - Thursday, June 13, heats
11:00am - Women's 200-metre backstroke
11:28am - Men's 200-metre individual medley
11:44am - Women's 100-metre breaststroke multiclass
11:50am - Men's 100-metre breaststroke multiclass
11:56am - Men's 100-metre freestyle
12:21pm - Women's 100-metre freestyle multiclass
12:34pm - Men's 100-metre freestyle multiclass
12:45pm - Women's 200-metre butterfly
1:04pm - Women's 800-metre freestyle (technical final)

Night 4 - Thursday, June 13, finals
7:30pm - Women's 200-metre backstroke
7:43pm - Men's 200-metre individual medley
7:52pm - Women's 100-metre breaststroke multilcass
8:00pm - Men's 100-metre breaststroke multiclass
8:12pm - Men's 100-metre freestyle
8:25pm - Women's 100-metre freestyle multiclass
8:34pm - Men's 100-metre freestyle multiclass
8:47pm - Women's 200-metre butterfly
8:59pm - Women's 800-metre freestyle (technical final)

Day 5 - Friday, June 14, heats
11:00am - Men's 200-metre breaststroke
11:22am - Women's 200-metre breaststroke
11:48am - Men's 100-metre backstroke multiclass
11:57am - Women's 100-metre backstroke multiclass
12:10pm - Men's 200-metre backstroke
12:32pm - Women's 50-metre butterfly multiclass
12:34pm - Women's 100-metre freestyle
12:53pm - Men's 1500-metre freestyle (technical final)

Night 5 - Friday, June 14, finals
7:30pm - Men's 200-metre breaststroke
7:41pm - Women's 200-metre breaststroke
7:52pm - Men's 100-metre backstroke multiclass
7:59pm - Women's 100-metre backstroke multiclass
8:12pm - Men's 200-metre backstroke
8:21pm - Women's 50-metre butterfly multiclass
8:33pm - Women's 100-metre freestyle
8:47pm - Men's 1500-metre freestyle (technical final)
9:24pm - Paralympic Team Announcement

Day 6 - Saturday, June 15, heats
11:00am - Women's 50-metre freestyle
11:19am - Men's 400-metre individual medley
11:46am - Women's 400-metre individual medley
12:14pm - Men's 100-metre butterfly
12:36pm - Women's 1500-metre freestyle (technical final)

Night 6 - Saturday, June 15, finals
7:30pm - Women's 50-metre freestyle
7:43pm - Men's 400-metre individual medley
7:58pm - Women's 400-metre individual medley
8:14pm - Men's 100-metre buttferfly
8:26pm - Women's 1500-metre freestyle (technical final)
9:04pm - Olympic Team Announcement

All schedules are subject to change