Real Madrid boss Rafa Benitez has criticised the state of the MCG pitch in the lead up to the International Champions Cup starting tomorrow night.

Speaking to the media at Real Madrid's open training session at the MCG this morning, Benitez said the facilities were great but he was disappointed with the playing surface.

“These days we have been training, the facilities have been really good. We are really pleased in terms of when you want to do a training camp, it is fantastic,” Benitez said.

“Today I have to say, I say now, because I want to push a little bit, the pitch was not the best.

“We have to beware of that, we have an important game, hopefully they can do the best for the game. I know it won't be easy.

“I was reading a bit about the stadium, about the sporting culture here in this country, city... and you can see the fans enjoying.”

The Madrid coach also answered questions regarding recent transfer rumours surrounding the club, but refused to give anything away.

“For me, it's not easy being in this place, managing all these I don't wish to discuss that (possible ins and outs) at the moment,” Benitez said.

“De Gea is not our player at the moment and that is not our subject at the moment.

“In terms of Sergio Ramos, there's a lot of talk about his situation.

“For me, he's an enormous professional.

“He applies himself and does everything I ask of him. For me, the president has already commented that he is staying.”