The ACT Brumbies are in crisis after CEO Michael Jones was stood down by the board on Monday night following comments he made on ABC Grandstand on Saturday morning.

Jones said that if he detractors did not back off, the club could fold.

"I'm m not going anywhere,” Jones said.

“There are clearly issues from outside the organisation, and there are people having a hack at me.”

“Legally I don't wish to impugn anybody, I don't want to make enemies, and I haven't named anybody and I haven't made any accusations public.

“I'm being pushed pretty hard at the moment, so there's always the straw that breaks the camel's back.

“If I go to war it's going to be ugly, and there's going to be a lot of people who are going to get burnt by it.

“And if this organisation folds and goes into administration the ARU is in default. They are big stakes games that a lot of these guys are playing, and it's fairly irresponsible of most of them to do it.

“They are looking at self-interest rather than the interest of the organisation. I'm trying to avoid the fight — I've been taking hits since December, I weathered the storm, and it's the same guys again … everyone has to ask their own questions as to why and what is the motivation from outside the organisation having a hack at us.”

Jones has since reportedly launched legal action against the Brumbies, according to ABC Grandstand commentator Tim Gavel.