Former F1 driver Martin Brundle has finally revealed his shock at 2016 Champion Nico Rosberg's snap retirement just days after he secured the 2016 title, even wondering if he had lost a few months of time and it was actually April 1st!

“You could have knocked me over with a feather. I didn't believe it – Alex, my boy, sent me a text and I thought he was joking or it was April 1st. I still don't understand it,” he said.

Speaking at the Autosport show on the weekend, Brundle explained how he, as a former driver, would have given anything to be able to drive a car like the dominating Mercedes during his career and had he won the crown, not defending it would not have been an option.

“I admire that Nico had the courage of his convictions to say ‘This is the high point, I'm going to jump off now because I've achieved everything I wanted to'. It's a bold and brave decision in that respect. But where's the passion, where's the commitment, to show the world again you're the best in this amazing car, this amazing team? Most of us [drivers] would have given anything to drive that car for just one season in our careers.

“If you do get to the peak, enjoy the view and the jubilation of descent – don't take the lift down or the first emergency exit! I don't get it. But full respect to him, and you can't question that, it's his decision. But that doesn't mean I understand it.”

Rosberg, who was just 31 when he made the decision to leave the sport, has now been confirmed as an Ambassador at Mercedes while former Williams driver Valtteri Bottas takes his place as teammate to Lewis Hamilton.