It doesn't take a big leaguer to understand that hitting a home run in the Major Leagues isn't the easiest task in the world.

But now imagine how much tougher it becomes to do twice in an inning, and from both sides of the plate.

Unlike other sports, Major League Baseball is home to a slew of ambidextrous stars, adept at hitting the ball over the wall from both the left and right batter's boxes.

But while a list of switch hitters can be rattled off by the decerning fan, in the well-documented history of Major League Baseball, there have only been three instances of a switch hitter going yard from both sides in a single inning.

  1. Carlos Baerga (Cleveland Indians) - April 8, 1993  - seventh inning vs. New York Yankees 
  2. Mark Bellhorn (Chicago Cubs) -  August 29, 2002 - fourth inning vs. Milwaukee Brewers
  3. Kendrys Morales (Los Angeles Angels) - July 30, 2012 -  sixth inning vs. Texas Rangers