Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo is currently the biggest name in the NBA that potentially holds the key to further moves within the league.

Antetokounmpo, and a two-time MVP of the league, is eligible to sign a huge 5-year, $228 million USD supermax extension with the Bucks, but has not signed the extension yet.

After dominating the 2020 regular season with the best record in the league, a disappointing display in the playoffs saw the Bucks bounced out in the second round by the eventual runners-up Miami Heat, leaving Giannis and the Bucks bitterly disappointed.

'The Greek Freak' has until December 21 to sign the extension and made it known after the completion of the season that he wanted to see what the Bucks did this off-season and if they were able to build a better team.

Teams are currently preparing for the possibility that Antetokounmpo hits free agency next season, but the Bucks are feeling quietly confident that they will be able to retain their superstar forward.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst says teams like the Miami Heat, Dallas Mavericks and Toronto Raptors have made moves to open up enough cap space to give themselves a shot at luring Antetokounmpo away from Milwaukee should he choose to enter free agency in 2021.

“For more than a year, teams have been building dossiers, from the role of the closest people in his life — his longtime girlfriend and his brothers — to his admiration for international players who have come over to become successful like him,” Windhorst reported.

“That and other intel has been collected to use if an opportunity arises.”