With the Formula 1 Championship already decided, former F1 driver David Coulthard says Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton should be "let off the leash" and allowed to go head to head in the final race of the season.

“They (Mercedes) have ... run race strategy in such a way that reduces the chances of intra-team friction while giving each driver as much of a chance as possible to win the race,” Coulthard wrote in a column for the BBC.

“With one race of the season to go, though, wouldn't it be cool if Mercedes — now they have nothing to lose and both championships are tied up — just let their drivers and their respective engineers off the leash and ran a gloves-off race in Abu Dhabi next weekend?

“Just for one race, Mercedes could try a different approach to increase the entertainment value of a season finale which otherwise could lack a bit of interest — if we're honest.

“If it was going to work, the drivers would have to accept responsibility for what happens — whether it be losing the race to their teammate or even letting Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel in.

“As long as that was understood, I can't see a reason not to let it happen.”