The Last Dance director Jason Hehir had admitted that despite the first two episodes being released, he has yet to edit the final episodes yet.

Over the next month, two new episodes will be released weekly that will outline and show in thorough detail the final year of Michael Jordan's time with the Chicago Bulls in 1997/98.

Hehir, who has spent a lot of his time watching hours of unaired footage on Jordan and the Bulls, said he and his team had been working around the clock to finish the final cut of the remaining episodes.

“We're working so hard at the moment on the final three episodes,” Hehir told SEN Breakfast.

“We celebrated on Sunday night as the world saw the first two (episodes) but it was right back to work on Monday morning because we're trying to finish it as quickly as possible.

“We have to have episode 10 ready by tomorrow so I've been editing all day while doing radio spots. But it's very gratifying from people saying thanks for entertaining us and bringing light to people in a dark time.

Hehir admitted that he knows what he wants to do with the final edit, he just hasn't finished it yet.

“I haven't cut the ending but we're almost there,” he said.

“We're just fine-tuning and tweaking a shot here or there, we've got a concept of how it ends and I'm really excited for it.

“I think the final 20 minutes of episode 10 might be my favourite stretch of the 10 episodes so I'm excited for people to see it.”