With plenty of discussion centred around Las Vegas as the return-to-play site in recent times, Disney World in Orlando, Florida, has popped up as the front-runner to now be the return-to-play site and is gaining serious traction.

With Disney World being a privately owned property, there is increased optimism that the NBA would have more control over the site should that come to fruition. Disney also owns the NBA broadcast partner ABC/ESPN, so there is already a strong relationship between both companies.

The NBA are also in discussion on the possibility of a June 21st return to a secondary training camp for all teams, with an eye on games to resume on or around the July 15 mark.

It's been reported that once games resume, a 70-game season could be on the cards to finish the season quicker with the playoffs shortly following. Should games not be able to resume in July, a strong push will be made for an August start which could prompt a beginning to the playoffs right away.

The vast majority of teams have currently played around 65 games, so the extra 5 games could help seeded teams earn a chance at a higher seed, while lottery-bound teams will still be able to play games.