Sydney FC coach Graham Arnold has blasted the league over the scheduling of Sydney FC's clash against Perth, which was played in 35 degree heat on Saturday.

The match ended 0-0, after neither side could muster the energy to find a winner.

Arnold said the game should have been rescheduled, with the safety of players needing to be considered.

“You can only hydrate them so much,” Arnold told Fox Sports after the match.

“We were trying to get water into them and get all of the supplements into them, but ... I think it's going to take someone to die before there's common sense.

“Thankfully that wasn't today. It's crazy. Maybe it's time that, if it's about the spectacle and about the viewers, you give the players an opportunity to play to the best of their ability.

“People can say I'm whingeing, but we've been talking about this for five years.

“It's murder to try and play in these conditions for players at the highest level.

“Players are losing three or four kilos in a game. It's dangerous. When are we going to learn? When someone dies? That's the last thing we want.”

The Sky Blues' coach went one step further in his post match press conference, asking, “does it need someone to die first" before matches due to be played in extreme heat are rescheduled?