The Phoenix have signed former Serie A veteran Marco Rossi on a two-year deal.

Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen recorded the most laps of any driver on track at the Barcelona Circuit in Spain on Wednesday where the second preseason F1 test is in full swing.

The flying Dutchman completed 100 laps and that was despite the fact that the car suffered a technical gremlin that cost valuable on track time as the team opted to change the cars power unit.

Pit stop practice was also on the menu to ensure they get it just right before the season opener in Melbourne at the end of the month.

"It was not bad today,” Max said. “We had some stoppages obviously but then in the afternoon we almost completed a full race distance, so that was good. It felt good, and we got a lot of information today again, which is the most important thing. It was unfortunate that we had to stop at the end but I think we're pretty confident we can solve those issues without any trouble. The long run this afternoon felt good.... quite long! It's pretty boring when you're out there on your own, but everything felt well."

Unfortunately the car suffered another issue at the end of the day and the team are currently looking into the cause.