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Dan Nichols

Although the 2015-16 EPL season is a little over a month old, you get the feeling that this campaign, much like last season, might be all but over in the first month.

Last season's champions Chelsea, were atop the EPL table very early on and were never like losing the lead, eventually securing the crown with three games remaining.

There's certainly a feeling of déjà vu even this early in the season, as Manchester City have raced out to what may already be an unassailable lead.

After five games, City sit on a perfect 15 competition points, with 11 goals scored and without a single goal conceded.

City's likely title rivals Manchester United and Arsenal are five points back, while defending champions Chelsea sit an incredible 11 points behind the leaders.

Although, once again, it is very early in the season, it's fair to say Chelsea have failed in their quest to retain the title. They need to go through the rest of the season undefeated while hoping City drop four games worth of points.

Given the amazing strength of the City squad, and the struggles suffered by the defending champions, it's hard to see that gap closing.

It'd take a very brave man, much braver than me, to predict Chelsea won't be there or there-abouts come the end of the campaign, but to say they're still in the title race is a big call.

United may be within two games of their cross-city rivals, but United have obvious squad deficiencies that City just do not have to deal with.

With Rooney injured, it's hard to see a regular route to goal for the Red Devils. I'm certainly not writing them off, but they lack a player of Augero's goal scoring abilities.

They're going to rely on their midfield to provide plenty of goals to stay in the title race, or hope that 19 year-old Antony Martial can produce something special.

United also lack the rock solid defence of their blue brothers. By no means are the United defence a walk-through, but they hardly impose themselves like Kompany, Kolarov, Sagna and co.

They also lack their greatest asset in running down teams with big leads in the form of a certain knighted manager.

Arsenal possess a squad brimming with talent all around the park, but once again they're probably a step or so behind the league leaders.

On paper, and it should be stated that the game is not played on paper, Chelsea looked the most likely to challenge big-spending City.

They've got 33 games left to retain their crown, but I honestly can't see City dropping four games, let alone Chelsea going through without a fourth loss for the season.

With all due respect to City's closest table challengers in Leicester City, they are over achieving in the early rounds, and it is very unlikely they will be able to continue their amazing form.

I don't mean to sound like a Manchester City cheerleader here, but they were only three games behind a downright brilliant Chelsea side last season, and probably would have defended the title they won a season earlier in any other season.

They've also added young superstar Raheem Stirling and Belgium star Kevin De Bruyne to their already formidable squad since the completion of 2015's campaign.

Throw in luxury signings in Fabian Delph and Patrick Roberts and you have yourself a squad capable of presenting two or three sides capable of beating the majority of their opponents.

Manuel Pellegrini has plenty of weapons at his disposal and it looks like he has them all firing.

Whether City can continue their amazing early season form is a questionable, but whether anyone can catch them from here, even at this early stage looks like the answer is already a resounding no.