The Undertaker may well be the greatest character ever created in professional wrestling, and certainly the WWE.

Longevity only made the character strongly, but the man whose real name is Mark Calaways will forever be known as one of the greatest WWE stories to step inside the ring.

It was his Wrestlemania record which he was ultimately most well known for, recording 21 victories before finally being booked to lose in a controversial decision, handing the streak to Brock Lesnar.

The Undertaker would only go on to have one more loss at the showcase of the Immortals, before winning his final two fights to retire with a 25 and 2 record at the event.

Here is every match the Undertaker had at Wrestlemania during his storied career.

Wrestlemania VII, 1991: Defeat Jimmy Snuka via pinfall
Wrestlemania VIII, 1992: Defeat Jake Roberts via pinfall
Wrestlemania IX, 1993: Defeat Giant Gonzalez via disqualification
Wrestlemania XI, 1995: Defeat King Kong Bundy via pinfall
Wrestlemania XII, 1996: Defeat Diesel via pinfall
Wrestlemania 13, 1997: Defeat Sycho Sid via pinfall for WWF Championship
Wrestlemania XIV, 1998: Defeat Kane via pinfall
Wrestlemania XV, 1999: Defeat Big Boss Man via pinfall (Hell in a Cell match)
Wrestlemania X-Seven, 2001: Defeat Triple H via pinfall
Wrestlemania X8, 2002: Defeat Ric Flair via pinfall (No disqualification match)
Wrestlemania XIX, 2003: Defeat A-Train and Big Show (2-on-1 handicap match)
Wrestlemania XX, 2004: Defeat Kane via pinfall
Wresltemania 21, 2005: Defeat Randy Orton via pinfall
Wrestlemania 22, 2006: Defeat Mark Henry in a Casket match
Wrestlemania 23, 2007: Defeat Batista via pinfall for World Heavyweight Championship
Wrestlemania XXIV, 2008: Defeat Edge via submission for World Heavyweight Championship
Wresltemania XXV, 2009: Defeat Shawn Michaels via pinfall
Wrestlemania XXVI, 2010: Defeat Shawn Michaels via pinfall (Streak vs Career, No Holds Barred match)
Wresltemania XXVII, 2011: Defeat Triple H via submission (No Holds Barred) match
Wrestlemania XXVIII, 2012: Defeat Triple H via pinfall (Hell in a Cell match)
Wrestlemania 29, 2013: Defeat CM Punk via pinfall
Wreslemania 30, 2014: Defeated by Brock Lesnar via pinfall
Wrestlemania 31, 2015: Defeat Bray Wyatt via pinfall
Wrestlemania 32, 2016: Defeat Shane McMahon via pinfall (Hell in a Cell match)
Wrestlemania 33, 2017: Defeated by Roman Reigns via pinfall (No Holds Barred match)
Wrestlemania 34, 2018: Defeat John Cena via pinfall
Wrestlemania 35, 2019: Defeat AJ Styles via pinfall (Boneyard match)