Roger Federer has sparked outrage amongst his fans after sending shock jock radio host Alan Jones a congratulatory retirement message.

Jones, 79, announced his retirement two weeks ago due to medical advice. Political figures on both sides paid tribute to the media figure.

Sydney's top radio broadcaster made the announcement live on air during his 2GB breakfast radio program.

"I guess after 35 years the full stop has to go in somewhere," Jones said at the time.

Sky News played a video message earlier this week from Federer to Jones.

"Alan, it's Roger here. I wanted to wish you the best for what's to come and congratulations on an incredible 35-year career in the media," Federer said in the video.

"Take care of yourself and all the best."

Jones called the video message a "delightful surprise".

"I am very overwhelmed by the messages of support prior to my last day on the radio," Jones said.

However many tennis fans and commentators couldn't believed Federer had publicly offer support to Jones after his chequered career.

Jones was known for his attacks on women and his denial of climate change.

Federer wasn't the only international sports star to leave a well-wish to Jones, Usain Bolt also left a message and copped criticism.

"I just want to say congratulations on retiring at the top of you game,' Bolt said.

"30 odd years on the radio, you were magnificent, you impacted so many lives. Continue doing what you do."

There is a possibility that both Federer and Bolt did not know about Jones and his controversial past and were only responding to requests to send messages to Jones.

in September 2018, Jones and Macquarie were slugged with a record defamation payout of $3.7 million to Queensland's Wagner family.

In recent years, Jones has struggled with health issues. He had a neck operation in 2017, back sugery and an E. coli infection. In 2018, he was forced of air due to painful back spasms.