Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene is not a very happy man tonight after his driver, Sebastian Vettel was demoted by race stewards, losing his podium finish in the Mexican Grand Prix and dropping back to fifth overall.

According to Arrivabene Sebastian's penalty for moving under braking when Daniel Ricciardo attempted an overtaking manoeuvre in the final laps of the race was ‘too harsh' and ‘unfair' as the entire team deserved the third place that his driver fought so hard to achieve.

“Today could have felt special: we fully deserved this podium, which was taken away by bureaucracy. The whole team had showed great stamina by staying united and focused in a difficult moment. Our strategy had made it possible to make good progress through the race and both drivers did a very good job. Unfortunately, we were penalized by Stewards' unappealable decision which, in my opinion, is too harsh and somehow unfair.”

Sebastian has yet to comment on the situation but it is certain that the German driver won't be very happy about it…