The FFA have released a statement clarifying the banning process of fans from A-League games.

Read the full statement below:

"FFA takes its responsibility to provide a safe and enjoyable environment at games very seriously and would like to clarify some of the processes around spectator safety and behaviour. This process is designed and enforced to protect the safety and enjoyment of one of our most important stakeholder groups, the fans.

FFA does not ban spectators lightly but, like any host venue including sporting stadiums and hotels, will refuse entry to persons where we are not satisfied that they will respect the safety and enjoyment of other patrons.

Before issuing a Banned Notice, an FFA security committee reviews credible information provided by law enforcement, stadium security, FFA's security consultants and clubs. This information includes CCTV, photos and other forms of evidence.

The length of each ban reflects the seriousness of the conduct and the risk that it poses to the safety and welfare of our fans, and reinforces our message that we don't tolerate anti-social behaviour.

Once we have determined a ban should be imposed in the interests of the safety of fans attending our games, our legal responsibilities require the bans to come into effect immediately.

Since the inception of the Banning Process, it has always been the case that if a banned person can prove that they did not engage in the relevant behaviour the ban will not apply. If a banned person can bring the evidence that proves this to FFA through their club, the ban will be lifted."