The FFA says it will review the way it approves strips for A-League matches after Saturday's debacle between Wellington Phoenix and Melbourne Victory.

The two clubs turned out in remarkably similar strips for Saturday's match, which Wellington won 2-0, with Victory's blue shorts the only noticeable difference.

The Phoenix wore their third strip, a silver kit, while Melbourne was forced to wear its white away kit.

However, it wasn't the only controversy, with the state of the pitch in Auckland also under fire.

The poor state of the pitch was also heavily criticised by players and coaches alike, with Victory vice-captain Leigh Broxham saying he was forced to through his boots out after the game.

“The whole thing was a bit unprofessional,” Broxham said.

“We had a pitch that was basically just painted green. I had to throw my boots out after the game because they were completely destroyed.

“I don't think there's room for that sort of pitch in the A-League any more, I think the game has surpassed things like that, it shouldn't happen.

“That's another thing that comes under that unprofessional tag.

“That two teams can be that similar at this level is quite strange.

“The game is wanting to move forward and things like this happen."

The FFA says it will look into the strip debacle, after the it overruled the referee, who had ordered Melbourne to wear its blue home strip to avoid a clash.

“The approval process for the strips would be subject to an operational review," The FFA said in a statement.

“The end result was not ideal, especially for TV viewers."

The FFA also admitted that the pitch was not up to standard.

“The pitch was deemed to have met the minimum standard in the midweek inspection and again on match day,” the statement said.

“But given that this was an important, high profile fixture in New Zealand, we expected something more than the minimum standard.”