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The Netherlands and Belgium have sought legal advice over whether or not to sue FIFA and seek compensation over their failed bids for the 2018 World Cup, after it was revealed that the choice of Russia to host the tournament was pre-planned.

The Dutch Football Association and the Belgium Football Association have both contacted a legal firm after Blatter revealed in an interview a fortnight ago that FIFA had agreed to hand the World Cup to Russia long before the completion of the bidding process, rendering the joint Dutch-Belgium bid pointless.

"An interview is not enough to take steps but we are preparing ourselves for the outcome of a continuing investigation," said a Dutch FA spokesman.

"In agreement with our Dutch colleagues we have asked a legal firm to see if we can claim for compensation," Francois de Keersmaecker, President of the Belgian FA, added.

"It was unethical to allow us to incur unnecessary costs while the outcome of the bidding process had already been determined.

"On the basis of the advice we get, we'll decide what steps to take next."

The joint bid cost the two nations 10 million euros ($AUD15.25 million).