We all love a good dummy spit! Here are five of the absolute best Australian Open tantrums of the past 25 years.

At No.5 we have a wonderful meltdown from Andy Roddick about what else, but a line call.



No.4 involves some horrible sportsmanship and some angst between players in this fiery exchange between Argentina's Juan Ignacio Chela and Australia's Lleyton Hewitt in 2005, in which it appears Chela spits at the former world No.1.


"How many times? How many times?" At No.3 we have Polish player Jerzy Janowicz, who loses his cool after a close line call at the 2013 Australian Open, screaming the words "how many times"... well a lot of times.


At No.2 we have Cypriot tennis player Marcos Baghatis. The former Australian Open finalist smashed an incredible four racquets en route to a four set loss to Stan Wawrinka at the 2012 Australian Open in a remarkable sudden fit of rage at the change of ends. Two of them were yet to even be taken out of the plastic.


At No.1 we have the Godfather of dummy spits, American superbrat, John McEnroe. McEnroe received three code violations as he was disqualified from his match against Sweden's Mikael Pernfors in a round four match in the 1990 Australian Open. His first violation was for intimidating a lines judge. His second was for racquet abuse, which resulted in a point penalty and his third, which ultimately cost him the match, was for swearing at an umpire and tournament official.