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Myles Stedman


After Liverpool's midweek 'win' over League Two outfit Carlisle, Reds' manager Brendan Rodgers' seat is now as hot as it's ever been.

After a promising transfer window, the first few weeks of the new season have not been kind to Rodgers, with Liverpool sitting in 13th position with the second fewest goals scored in the English Premier League.

Their defence has not looked so hot either, with Dejan Lovren hitting worse form than last year, yet still somehow maintaining his starting spot.

It seems that any kind of game plan has deserted Rodgers and any chance of the Irishman keeping his job looks, to put it mildly, very, very slim.

With this in mind, let's have a look at five potential men who could take Rodgers' spot at Anfield when the inevitable axing takes place.

Honourable mentions: Tony Pulis, Frank de Boer, Unai Emery


The former Dortmund gaffers' name has long been thrown around in the media and he has done little to quell the speculation, instead leaving us with a cryptic bread trail of quotes suggesting he is interested in the job.

Two things we know Klopp does well are building a team and building one on a smaller budget. These facts alone make him basically the perfect man for the Merseyside club.

He also has the fortune of an endearing personality which Liverpool fans are already enamored with. Fair enough too, considering it would be a sound departure from the likes of Brendan Rodgers' constant clichéd manager speak.


An extremely talented manager, Rudi Garcia has won the league and cup in France and nearly won it last year in Italy, with his Roma side finishing second.

The French Manager of the Year in 2011, 13 and 14 only moved to Serie A two years ago, but after so-so form this season, his job is, perhaps unfairly, under pressure.

What makes Garcia an enticing prospect is that he, like Klopp, has seen success with a smaller budget. Surely he would thrive given the opportunity to work with Fenway Sports Groups' money.


Considering all the Southampton players the Reds have gobbled up, why not take their manager as well?

Already an extremely decorated gaffer at age 52, ‘Ronnie' has started managerial life in England like a house on fire, winning manager of the month twice in his first year in the EPL.

He recently said he was “settled” in his job on the south coast, despite potentially being offered the job of the Dutch national team, but surely he would at least listen if a club like Liverpool came knocking.


Already one of the world's best managers at the tender age of 44, Diego Simeone has almost already done it all at Atletico Madrid.

In less than a decade as a manager, Simeone's teams have won the league three times, Europa League once, Super Cup once, the Copa del Rey once, and come agonisingly close to adding the Champions League to that list.

He recently signed a contract with Atletico until 2020, but may be tempted by challenging himself in the Premiership, a completely different football style from La Liga.


Speculation is growing that Carlo Ancelotti has or will be offered the Reds' top job - and wouldn't it be Christmas in September for Liverpool fans if he accepts.

He has recently spoken of his affection and admiration for the club and is currently unemployed, but will not stay that way for long - FSG must strike soon.

His honours speak for themselves: three Champions League trophies, three league titles, three league cups, two Super Cups, two World Club Cups and countless manager of the year awards. Oh, and he has also been knighted in his native Italy.