Garry Rogers has clarified a few points regarding the rumours that his company, Garry Rogers Motorsport, will be building Commodores to run in the upcoming 2017 Supercars Championship. Speaking out on his team's official website, Garry has cleared up the fact that the intention is to continue running with Volvo S60's, if they are able to do so and that Commodores will only be used in the Dunlop Series, nowhere else…

“A point of clarification, it appears there is some confusion over whether GRM are building Commodores to run in the championship, that is totally incorrect!” Rogers said. “As most of you would be aware we are in litigation with Volvo to continue with the running of our Volvo S60's in the championship and as in previous years we have also been contesting the Dunlop Series using Commodores in the Dunlop Series.”

“Our history shows our support for young drivers as we first entered the Development Series back in 2001 with Leanne Tander as the driver.  If we had a choice we would run Volvo's in the Dunlop Series, but because of the litigation that exists at the moment between GRM and Volvo we are unable to do so.”

“GRM are in the business of designing, building and racing Supercars.  As our business model changes over the years so may the brand of vehicles that we participate with, I hope this dispels any false beliefs that people seem to be assessing with little or no knowledge of the real facts.”