New Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola will allow his players extended family time ahead of home matches this season.

Guardiola's policy will see City players sleep at home the night before a game instead of at the team's training ground, a move that was welcomed at both Barcelona and Bayern Munich under the Spaniard's reign.

Usually team's sleep at a hotel overnight before a game, but Guardiola trusts his players to be able to stay at home and still follow team rules.

"People don't spend the day before they go to work locked up in a hotel. We just try to make things the same for them," Guardiola said during his time at Barcelona.

"If they don't rest, they're not looking after themselves and that means they'll play worse and lose their jobs.

"I judge my players on the work they do, not on their private lives. I'm not a policeman.

"I'm in bed at 10 o'clock and I've got no urge to go and check up on my players. That's why I'd rather have them at home and not cooped up in a hotel with nothing to do. We're just trying to use common sense."

City became the first Premier League club to sleep at their training ground before home games after the opening of the £200m City Football Academy in late 2014.