With Formula One seats a rare commodity, former F1 racer Esteban Gutierrez, has opted to join the Formula E championship for the select events of the 2016/2017 season.

Gutierrez, who raced for the HaasF1 team in 2016 but was replaced by Kevin Magnussen for the upcoming 2017 F1 season, was not the driver of choice for the vacant seat at Mercedes and with manor going bust, the Mexican wasn't left with many options.

Formula E is an all-electric racing series that produces some very exciting battles and he will be able to show his skills at the upcoming Mexican event, his home race, and New York City. From there the plan is to become a full time driver in the 2017/2018 season and is currently in talks with several teams with an eye to fulfilling that desire.

"Well I'm very happy to be here and to finally make the announcement of my future plans. I feel very grateful to Alejandro and Alberto, which we've both known each other for a very long time and now we can work together in this new path,” he said.

"I've been always watching and following Formula E, because of my relationship with Alejandro ( Founder & CEO of Formula E). I have always been following his projects and Formula E being one of them. I have been very impressed at how the category has grown, electric cars are the future of mobility in the cities, so it is a very interesting way of how the innovation is being pushed through the category. I'm delighted to now be a part of it."