1997 world champion Jacques Villeneve has always been known for telling it how he sees it, and he has a clear opinion on Hamilton's demeanour since wrapping up his third world title in October.

His on-track form flagged after Austin, with Nico Rosberg holding a clear edge over his teammate through the balance of the championship. In contrast, the pilot of the No. 44 Mercedes hit the headlines for sniping at his team, his teammate, and rivals.

Villeneuve's assessment of the Brit and his German teammate is blunt.

“Maybe losing the World Championship to Lewis in the USGP changed him (Rosberg) psychologically,” Villeneuve told Motorsport-Magazin.com. “I don't know. But after that he was a killer.

“And Lewis reacted really badly and revealed a very negative side of his character. He showed that he cannot be humble.

“He has won three world championships but he could not be happy, behaving like a spoiled child who lost his toy. He has not behaved like a great champion.”

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