Since 1895, golfers from right around the globe have made tracks for the United States to compete for the third of four annual majors: the US Open.

Across the life of this now-storied tournament, the brightest stars in the golfing galaxy - and a smattering of amateurs - have been asked to tee off at almost every one of America's axis, with many of the country's most prestigious courses taking their turn to host the rotating tournament.

But how many of these amateur golfers have lifted the 18-inch, sterling silver trophy awarded to the US Open champion?

Between 1913 and 1933, five amateur golfers combined to win eight US Open titles, with American Bobby Jones the only winner of multiple championships.

Here is the full list of amateur golfers to have won the US Open:

Golfers Years won
Francois Ouimet 1913
Jerome Travers 1915
Chick Evans 1916
Bobby Jones 1923, 1926, 1929 & 1930
Johnny Goodman 1933