It will come as no surprise to anybody who has ever played the game but stepping into the batter's box and making contact with a baseball is hard.

Now imagine hitting the ball out of the yard twice in a single inning.

Sounds impossible, doesn't it?

Well, since June of 1880, the feat has been achieved on 64 occasions, with 61 different big leaguers having slugged soundly twice in a single frame.

From an array of pioneering bats to the trio to have achieved the feat more than once, here is the full list of every Major League Baseballer to have hit two home runs in a single big league inning.

Player Team Opponent Inning Date
Charley Jones Boston Red Stockings Buffalo Bisons 8th June 10, 1880
Lou Bierbauer Brooklyn Ward's Wonders Buffalo Bisons 3rd July 12, 1890
Ed Cartwright St. Louis Browns Philadelphia Athletics 3rd September 23, 1890
Bobby Lowe Boston Beaneaters Cincinnati Reds 3rd May 30, 1894
Ken Williams St. Louis Browns Washington Senators 6th August 7, 1922
Hack Wilson New York Giants Philadelphia Phillies 3rd July 1, 1925
Bill Regan Boston Red Sox Chicago White Sox 4th June 16, 1928
Hank Leiber New York Giants Chicago Cubs 2nd August 24, 1936
Joe DiMaggio New York Yankees Chicago White Sox 5th June 24, 1936
Andy Seminick Philadelphia Phillies Cincinnati Reds 8th June 2, 1949
Sid Gordon New York Giants Cincinnati Reds 2nd July 31, 1949
Al Kaline Detroit Tigers Kansas City Athletics 6th April 17, 1955
Jim Lemon Washington Senators Boston Red Sox 3rd September 5, 1959
Joe Pepitone New York Yankees Kansas City Athletics 8th May 23, 1962
Rick Reichardt California Angels Boston Red Sox 8th April 30, 1966
Willie McCovey (1) San Francisco Giants Houston Astros 4th April 12, 1973
John Boccabella Montreal Expos Houston Astros 6th July 6, 1973
Lee May Houston Astros Chicago Cubs 6th April 29, 1974
Willie McCovey (2) San Francisco Giants Cincinnati Reds 6th June 27, 1977
Cliff Johnson New York Yankees Toronto Blue Jays 8th June 30, 1977
Andre Dawson (1) Montreal Expos Atlanta Braves 3rd July 30, 1978
Ray Knight Cincinnati Reds New York Mets 5th May 13, 1980
Von Hayes Philadelphia Phillies New York Mets 1st June 11, 1985
Andre Dawson (2) Montreal Expos Chicago Cubs 5th September 24, 1985
Dale Murphy Atlanta Braves San Francisco Giants 6th July 27, 1989
Ellis Burks Boston Red Sox Cleveland Indians 4th August 27, 1990
Carlos Baerga Cleveland Indians New York Yankees 7th April 8, 1993
Joe Carter Toronto Blue Jays Baltimore Orioles 2nd October 3, 1993
Jeff Bagwell Houston Astros Los Angeles Dodgers 6th June 24, 1994
Jeff King (1) Pittsburgh Pirates San Francisco Giants 2nd August 8, 1995
Jeff King (2) Pittsburgh Pirates Cincinnati Reds 4th April 30, 1996
Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs Houston Astros 7th May 16, 1996
Dave Nilsson Milwaukee Brewers Minnesota Twins 6th May 17, 1996
Mark McGwire Oakland Athletics Seattle Mariners 5th September 22, 1996
Mike Lansing Montreal Expos San Francisco Giants 6th May 7, 1997
Gary Sheffield Florida Marlins Philadelphia Phillies 4th July 13, 1997
Fernando Tatis St. Louis Cardinals Los Angeles Dodgers 3rd April 23, 1999
Eric Karros Los Angeles Dodgers Montreal Expos 6th August 22, 2000
Bret Boone Seattle Mariners Chicago White Sox 1st May 2, 2002
Mike Cameron Seattle Mariners Chicago White Sox 1st May 2, 2002
Jared Sandberg Tampa Bay Devil Rays Los Angeles Dodgers 5th June 11, 2002
Nomar Garciaparra Boston Red Sox Tampa Bay Devil Rays 3rd July 23, 2002
Carl Everett Texas Rangers Oakland Athletics 7th July 26, 2002
Aaron Boone Cincinnati Reds San Diego Padres 1st August 9, 2002
Mark Bellhorn Chicago Cubs Milwaukee Brewers 4th August 29, 2002
Reggie Sanders Pittsburgh Pirates St. Louis Cardinals 5th August 20, 2003
Juan Rivera Montreal Expos Chicago White Sox 2nd June 19, 2004
Julio Lugo Tampa Bay Devil Rays Baltimore Orioles 5th July 22, 2006
Bengie Molina San Francisco Giants New York Mets 5th May 7, 2007
Magglio Ordonez Detroit Tigers Oakland Athletics 2nd August 12, 2007
Alex Rodriguez (1) New York Yankees Seattle Mariners 7th September 5, 2007
Jim Edmonds Chicago Cubs Chicago White Sox 4th June 21, 2008
David Ortiz Boston Red Sox Texas Rangers 1st August 12, 2008
Michael Cuddyer Minnesota Twins Kansas City Royals 7th August 23, 2009
Alex Rodriguez (2) New York Yankees Tampa Bay Rays 6th October 4, 2009
Juan Uribe San Francisco Giants Chicago Cubs 2nd September 23, 2010
Pablo Sandoval San Francisco Giants Colorado Rockies 4th September 18, 2011
Kendrys Morales Los Angeles Texas Rangers 6th July 30, 2012
Adrian Beltre Texas Rangers Baltimore Orioles 4th August 22, 2012
Edwin Encarnacion (1) Toronto Blue Jays Houston Astros 7th July 26, 2013
Mark Trumbo Baltimore Orioles Texas Rangers 7th April 15, 2016
Edwin Encarnacion (2) Seattle Mariners Kansas City Royals 6th April 8, 2019
Gleyber Torres New York Yankees Pittsburgh Pirates 8th September 21, 2022
Mastaka Yoshida Boston Red Sox Milwaukee Brewers 8th April 23, 2023
Trea Turner Philadelphia Phillies Washington Nationals 8th August 19, 2023