Aussie basketball legend and three-time NBA champion Luc Longley has told SEN why he would choose Michael Jordan over LeBron James.

The debate about who is the greatest NBA player of all time is centered around Jordan and LeBron, who are both seen as two of the greatest players in NBA history.

Jordan won six NBA championships to go with six Finals MVPs, while LeBron is sitting on three titles and three regular season MVPs.

Longley, who played alongside Jordan in Chicago's three straight championships from 1996-1998, says Jordan's ability to close out games with clutch shots is the reason why the Bulls great is superior in his eyes.

"The question is: how do you measure who the best player is?" Longley told SEN Afternoons.

"Is it the number of championships? Michael's going to win that. Is it the number of game-winners hit at the end? Michael's going to win that."

"I think in terms of closing out games, winning a game, or dragging your team to a championship, Michael has the stats and I feel like he's the guy."

"When you look at LeBron's across the board stats and what he's gone over a long period of time and how many Finals he's been to - that's really impressive and as a specimen he's impressive".

"Some of the things he stands for have become impressive. But if you were going to win a championship for the next three week and I need someone to close out the games - I'm taking MJ."