Joe Ingles is finding himself is some dangerous form, and it has led the Utah Jazz to 10-straight wins and the second seed in the Western Conference with a 28-12 record.

Capping off a 118-107 victory over the Brooklyn Nets at the Barclays Centre on Wednesday (all times AEST), Ingles dropped an equal career-high 27 points on 10-of-14 shooting from the field, including six triples.

"Rudy [Gobert] was setting great screens and it opened up the guards," Ingles told ESPN post-match. "Especially in that first half.

"They adjusted a little in the second half, but we got some really good looks, and all our guys took the shots they gave us."

At 32, Joe certainly isn't slowing down and neither are the Jazz as they continue to move from one game to another, win after win in what is the NBA's best current winning streak.

The Jazz's last lost now seems distant - with a nail-biting three-point defeat to Miami coming before Christmas - and Utah can now turn to chasing down the Lakers, who sit five games ahead of the Jazz at the mantle of the West.

Across this 10-game undefeated stretch, all five of Utah's starters have polished up a triple-figure plus-minus total, with Ingles' tally of +136 second only to star teammate Rudy Gobert with +137.

Stretching even further back to December 1, Ingles has dominated from the perimeter. There have been 111 players attempt at least 75 three-point shots since then, with 110 of those players shooting at 46.8% or less.

The one other player? You guessed it... Joe Ingles, and it's not even close.

Ingles has shot a staggering 52.8% during that period, making the whole league aware of his dead-eye shooting.

The 27-point outing is the fifth time Ingles has reached his career-high mark and is the third time this season he has dropped 25+ points in a game.

Utah will soon find themselves at a higher altitude on the standings than any measure recorded in Salt Lake City if this side can continue to work as an unstoppable collective.

For Joe, he'll be hopeful of maintaining his 3-and-D threat and securing an early playoff position, with an invite to the three-point contest as an added bonus.

Up next, Utah travels to New Orleans in two days time.