After starting his second season with team Vortex at the recent Clipsal 500, Supercar veteran, Craig Lowndes, has ruled out the possibility of switching to another outfit in the 2018 season, if talks with Ronald Dane don't produce the desired results.

Lowndes wants to remain as a full time driver on the Supercar grid and has admitted that while he wants to sign a multi year deal with triple eight, talks are yet to begin between the team and Lowndes management and at this stage he doesn't really know where he stands.

“We've spoken to Roland (Dane, team owner) and said that we'd like to talk about it, because at this point we haven't started any negotiations,” Lowndesy told the sports official website. “We still don't know what his plans are going forward, whether it's to run three cars, expand to four, go back to two…I'd like to sign up for another two years, if not three, but we need to know what Roland's plans are first. e is putting his ducks in a row and then we'll see where we are.”

If Dane opts to drop back to two cars, it is highly likely that Lowndsey will be offered a co driver role in the Enduro Cup, however the fan favourite has confirmed that this is not in his future plans……

“If Roland isn't looking at that angle (full-time) then we'll consider what else is out there.

“We will be looking at what's best for us going forward for the future. I still get a lot of people saying they'd love to see me back in a Ford…At the end of the day I enjoy the sport for what it is. f I am going to continue on past this year as a full-time driver, I want to be in a team that's capable of being up the front (regardless of manufacturer).”

“That's the main objective, to be at the front and win races. If you were to walk away from Triple Eight, it's very hard to find another team with the resources and infrastructure to do what they do at the highest level. But you have to take everything into account before you make a decision.”