Christian Horner has come out in defence of his young driver at Red Bull Racing, Max Verstappen, stating that in his opinion, the young Dutchman is doing a great job in Formula One.

Many criticized Max towards to the end of the season when he used his confidence in any conditions to move through the field and other drivers weren't always happy with it.

"I don't really understand what they are moaning about," Horner said in Autosport. "He is doing a great job and driving the wheels off the car and he is racing hard.”
According to Horner, it could simply be about the fact that a new driver has entered the scene and he is good…putting the other drivers on edge, but Verstappen won't be knocked down by anyone.

“When sometimes a new guy comes along and upsets the establishment a bit then they do get a bit of criticism. He is not rising to that, he is keeping his head down and enjoying his racing. Anything that destabilizes an established pecking order is always not well received. I don't think he has done anything wrong, he has raced hard, he is exciting and giving it everything every time he is in the car. He loves what he is doing, he is passionate about it.”

Max's driving style came under fire several times during 2016 and as a result the FIA were forced to clarify certain rules, such as moving under braking, prior to the Mexican Grand Prix. This was because of Max's very aggressive defending style, however it was Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel receiving the first penalty, not Max.