Sponsorship can sometimes be a very difficult thing to obtain in the world of Formula One with a team recently going bust due to lack of funding, however, that certainly isn't the case for the reigning world champions at Mercedes.
The team has now embarked on a new multi-year agreement with Axalta Coating Systems, extending the relationship already in place between the team and one of Axalta's premium refinish coating brands, Spies Hecker.

Axalta develop and provide paint and other coatings for a wide range of vehicle and industrial applications, with customers including all of the leading manufacturers of cars and commercial vehicles, body shops engaged in refinishing and fleet branding, and a wide range of industrial products.

Thanks to the technology in Axalta's Spies Hecker products used by the Formula One squad, the paint not only weighs less than competing brands, contributing to the overall performance of the car, but looks beautiful, enabling the team's brand to be visually conveyed through the livery of its race cars.

"We are delighted to be expanding our relationship with Axalta and building on the developments that we have made with their Spies Hecker products over the past few years,” said Team boss Toto Wolff. “Our Silver Arrow cars are the highlight of the team's brand during the race weekends and the finish achieved by our Paint Shop with the help of these superb products is outstanding.”

“That the paint is lightweight and can contribute to saving weight on the car is a real bonus for us. We look forward to working with Axalta and helping them maximise the global reach of Formula One to share their racing passion."