Patty Mills has secured a clutch victory for the Spurs, shooting a defining three-pointer with less than a minute on the clock to send Golden State packing with their fourth loss from the past five games.

Mills played only 24 minutes of court time for the Spurs, but still managed to rack up eight points, five assists, five rebounds and a steal in a small but important role which saw the Spurs defeat the Warriors 104-92.

A victory for the Spurs means a loss for Golden State, who are in the midst of a huge slump following a typically brilliant 11-2 start to the season.

With Steph Curry injured and rumours of tension between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green, Golden State are facing a crisis the likes of which they've seldom experienced in their past four seasons of almost total domination.

Golden State are now 12-6, losing their position as the conference's frontrunner to the Portland Trail Blazers.

The Warriors seem lost without their two-time MVP in Curry, who hasn't entered the court for the past six games - four of which they have lost.

With their victory, the Spurs rise to an 8-7 record and 9th place in the competition.