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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho was hit with a misconduct charge from the Football Association on Monday following his half-time rant in the Premier League champions' 2-1 defeat by West Ham.

Mourinho is already appealing against a 50,000 Euro ($A76,000) fine and suspended one-match stadium ban for comments made about officials following Chelsea's home loss against Southampton earlier this month.

And he faces further charges after being sent to the stands by Jonathan Moss for letting rip at the referee when he went to see him in the officials' changing room during the interval at Upton Park on Saturday.

There have been reports that the clash with Liverpool on the weekend could determine his future. He has until Thursday to respond, although it is most likely that a verdict will only come down after the weekend, allowing him to take part in the Liverpool game. But if he survives that and is then found guilty, he will have to mastermind Chelsea's recovery from the grandstands.

A standard ban allows the manager to communicate via phone or a runner, and to deliver team talks, but there are provisions for the FA to dish out harsher bans - something that is possible in this case given Mourinho's recently erratic and poor behaviour.

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