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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho says that he will not be afraid to make changes if his players do not improve, following Chelsea's 2-1 loss to Crystal Palace.

Chelsea have just four points from their first four games, after a surprise loss at Stamford Bridge yesterday.

“If a player is not performing, there are two ways to look at it,” he said.

“The first one is that I trust the player so much that I will wait for the improvement. You wait, wait, and wait and maybe it comes or it doesn't come.

“Or, even when you are trusting the player, (there) arrives a moment when you think, ‘I have to change'. And I can go both ways.”

“I'm not happy with the performance because, for me, a performance is a collective performance, of 11 players at the same time.

“To perform collectively you need individual performances. When you have these kind of matches at this level you need people to perform.

”I cannot say I had 11 players at the same time performing. Two or three of them their individual performance was far from good.

“I blame myself for not changing one of them. When I made the third change I needed a fourth.”