Down 3-1, the Warriors looked almost helpless as Steph Curry and Klay Thompson couldn't find any help in their lost games. Their only hope seemingly was for Kevin Durant to return from a calf injury and blow the world away, cementing his legacy as one of the best scorers of all time.

It looked like it might happen early on as he hit three shots from behind the arc and had 11 points in only 12 minutes of game time. Until, at the start of the second, he crossed over Serge Ibaka after a Bogut screen and something rippled in the back of his knee.

It came out later that he had suffered an Achilles injury and will almost definitely miss the remainder of these Finals which is absolutely devastating for the Warriors and a sad day for any fan of quality basketball.

You could tell right after the injury that players were shocked (and not just at how Raptors fans were cheering at a player being hurt), there had been so much hype for a Durant return to the Finals and the how teams were now going to be full strength going at one another. Any normal team might've just rolled over after such a blow.

But not this Warriors team.

They held onto their lead right up until the fourth quarter thanks to Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. The pair had 57 points and 12 threes between them and some crucial plays down the end.

With six minutes to go in the final quarter and the possibility of an NBA championship, Kawhi Leonard was responsible for 12 straight points including assisting on a Normal Powel dunk after a somewhat fishy non-travel call.

Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry were both plus-five in their fourth-quarter play, but Lowry couldn't hit a three at the buzzer to make it plus-eight and seal his team and victory and a title.

In response to losing their first lead since the first quarter and going down by six points, with three minutes to go Klay hits two threes and Steph hit one to put them up by three which was enough to win them the game.

Even the Raptors installing their secret weapon; double-agent Demarcus Cousins didn't help. In the last quarter, Cousins had two goaltending calls against him, one offensive and one defensive, and a moving screen. All turnovers that gave the ball back to Toronto.

Obviously, he isn't a double-agent and was just quite unlucky on the offensive goaltending but it was really strange to see a moving screen actually called at the end of a Finals game. It's a call that isn't called at the end of regular season games, let alone the Finals.

Cousins will have to play as well as he did in Game 5 (minus the last quarter mistakes) back in Oracle Arena. After not being in perfect shape for the Finals, likely due to the quad injury he sustained against the Clippers, he turned his play around scoring 14 points on 6 of 8 shooting. He even finished some tough double-pumps over Marc Gasol.

Another reason Cousins will have to step up is because Kevon Looney will likely be limited for Game 6 after aggravating his fractured collarbone. He played in Game 5 with what looked like a small pillow under his jersey to reduce the pain and was still effective, the guy is an absolute unit.

They'll need Looney and all the bigs they can find if Marc Gasol is going to replicate the game he just had; 17 points and eight rebounds from only six field goal attempts and an unbelievable 169 offensive rating when on the court. Green mostly played centre after Durant went down and it did little to stop Gasol, luckily for Golden State he was in foul trouble and didn't play as much as he could've.

Even though Toronto is up 3-2 in this series heading back to Oakland for the last game ever to be played in Oracle Arena, the Warriors might have the momentum and if they can force a Game 7, it'll be anybody's championship. We will have to wait and see how hard Toronto wants it and if they can win another game away, a stadium they haven't lost in all season and playoffs.