After a big weekend of NFL action, let's take a look at the big winners and losers from the Week 1 games. (Disclaimer: Two games to come this weekend, Lions v Jets and Raiders v Rams)

Winner: Aaron Rodgers... I mean the Green Bay Packers

Superman came and saved the day for Green Bay once again. After being carted off the field in the first half with a knee injury, Rodgers lead his team from 20-0 down to win 24-23 against rival Chicago Bears. Special mention to Randall Cobb who had 142 yards on nine receptions.

Loser: Buffalo Bills

The Bills were remarkably poor at home against Baltimore with the quarterback play as bad as you can think. Nathan Peterman completed five of 18 passes with two picks while Josh Allen threw six for 15. Their defence was also inexcusable, allowing Joe Flacco to throw for 236 yards.

Loser: New Orleans Saints

In a game where Drew Brees throws for 439 yards, how exactly do you lose to Tampa Bay and give up 48 points? The simple answer is your defence, as DeSean Jackson and Mike Evans went off for the Buccaneers. Not the start the Super Bowl hopefuls were looking to have to this season.

Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

The Pat Mahomes era in Kansas City started off hot, beating a high-fancied Chargers side in Los Angeles thanks to Mahmoes' 256 yards. Tyreek Hill also starred for the Chiefs, racking up 173 yards for the game with seven receptions and two carries.

Loser: Oakland Raiders

Yes, they haven't played yet, however watching Khalil Mack run riot for the Bears in the first half should have Raider nation fuming. Mack had one sack, interception, defensive touchdown and a fumble recovery as he tormented the Packers early on.

Loser: Pittsburgh Steelers

Missing Le'Veon Bell, the Steelers were forced to hold on for a tie with the Browns as Ben Roethlisberger threw three interceptions in the first half. The Steelers then gave up a 21-7 lead in the final quarter and should have lost the game in overtime.

Winner: Cleveland Browns

Their best start to a season since 2004, thanks to an 0-0 record after Week 1. They may be dancing in the streets however some poor coaching in crucial moments probably prevented the Browns from winning this game. Jarvis Landry is showing to be a terrific addition to this team already.