The tennis world was in shock after world No. 1 Novak Djokovic was disqualified from the US Open.

Novak Djokovic may win more grand slams than Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal but he'll never be loved like they are.

The Serbian tennis star has won 17 major titles and is hunting Nadal (19) and the Fed Express (20) as Djokovic wants to overtake Federer as the all-time grand slam leader in men's tennis.

His reputation has copped a hammering in 2020. From ignoring social distancing regulations, to starting a breakaway players association, to being disqualified for hitting a lineswoman at the US Open — the 33-year-old only himself to blame.

Aussie legend Lleyton Hewitt said it must be “frustrating” for Djokovic to accept the fact no matter how many wins he clocks up, he will never have the same widespread appeal as his two biggest rivals.

“Obviously he's in an era now where those two guys are so well-loved globally, and it's really hard for Novak to share that love with a lot of the other spectators of the sport,” Hewitt told

“That's the tough thing. Roger and Rafa have been, certainly in my generation, the two greatest ambassadors you could have ever hoped for, for our sport.

“So for Novak to come in, I'm sure that's frustrating for him because he feels like at times he is the greatest player.

“His record against those two guys, especially in big tournaments, what he's been able to do in the slams (is brilliant) … but that crowd support I don't think is ever going to change for Roger and Rafa.”