A Nervada parole board has granted OJ Simpson's request for an early release from prison which spread across American TV screens on Thursday morning.

Simpson, who has served eight years in prison for armed robbery, kidnapping and other charges, could be out from October 1st.

He was convicted of leading a group of four men- two of whom were armed- to storm a Las Vegas hotel in 2007 to steal sports memorabilia he says belonged to him.

The former NFL star apologised for his offences in 2007, said he had been a model prisoner and promised that he would have no conflicts if released.

"I've done my time," Simpson said.

"I've done it as well and respectfully as I think anyone can."

In 1995 Simpson was acquitted of murder charges against his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman and was found not guilty.

Award-winning documentary "O.J.:Made In America", which was released last year, brought renewed interest into his story.

Now 70, Simpson plans to move to his home in Florida but still has to abide by his parole restrictions.