First sporting streaker sighted at a sporting event
March 16, 1974 – Twickenham, London

We see them fairly frequently now. And when that first flash of skin is hit by the sun or the floodlights, it's still a thrill for so many.

Streaking has been seen just about everywhere these days, with the old-school shows of skin-deep exhibitionism giving way to the fully-clothed political statements of today.

Yet, like any art form or show of protest, there had to be a first show of force. For streakers of today and tomorrow, you can tip your invisible cap to Michael O'Brien, a one-time Australian accountant who broke the line with a bare bum, interrupting England's home Five Nations clash against Wales at Twickenham some 50 years ago.

After agreeing to a bet with an English fan, the Aussie stripped off, hopped the fence, and worked his way from touch line to touch line.

"From the minute I sent my clothes to the other side of the ground and I was sitting there stark naked on the opposite side of the ground, everything just went blank," O'Brien said in 1996.

While the wiry O'Brien was eventually wrapped up by a set of English bobbies and an overcoat seemingly pulled out of nowhere, the hippie-looking numbers man was afforded the right to touch the opposing fence to win his bet.

Still, the next day, O'Brien was hit with a fine for the same amount he won in the bet.

Easy come, easy go, we guess.

Oh yeah, for those playing at home, the Poms would defeat the travelling Welsh 16-12.